Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education in Beaumont Hill Academy is led by Richard Bulmer.

Outdoor Education

Staff  :  Richard Bulmer,  Brent Ardle .   

 Outdoor Education provides a rich learning medium and is one of a range of initiatives which can offer informal educational opportunities addressing the personal and social development of both communities and individuals.

It is an organised approach to learning in which direct experience is of paramount importance. It contributes to spiritual and aesthetic awareness by placing students in surroundings and circumstances which are challenging and inspiring and often unpredictable.  As Outdoor Education deals with real situations, it can be highly motivating.

 Knowledge, skills and positive attitudes are developed in these situations. It also develops awareness of, and respect for, self, others and the environment.

Opportunities are provided for the students to achieve both physical and emotional fulfilment.

The team deliver an outdoor education provision throughout the Education Village Academy. This provision offers support and social development programmes and courses to students.

As part of the weekly timetable we engage in:

·         Alternative education programmes

·         Rock Climbing /Abseiling ,  Kayaking/Canoeing , Mountaineering , Gorge Walking , Coastal Exploration , Campcraft / Shelter Building , Wildlife Observations

·         AQA award scheme

·         Inclusive groups

·         The various Beaumont Hill and Haughton school timetables

In addition we also run:

·         Specific residential trips to suit ability

·         Duke of Edinburgh expeditions

·         British Canoe Union accreditation award programmes

·         Summer activity programme

·         Programmes that run along side the Youth Service, Social Services and external Paddlesport organisations.

All these programmes are inclusive and tailored around the specific needs of the young people.

Comments from Young People ;

  “We love Outdoor Ed because we go to places we’ve never been before and do exiting activities,” Keiran 

“We do loads of activities but I like Kayaking the best,” Ryan

 “I learn loads about nature and the environment.”Callum