Our curriculum is a powerful and effective means of equipping students with the knowledge and skills to protect them from harm. Our pastoral team has devised an effective PHSE curriculum that is tailored to the age and ability range of young people across the school to ensure they can confidently identify risks and share concerns about their own and others’ safety.

In order to remain aware of current issues concerning the welfare of our students, our pastoral team gathers feedback via termly ‘safety questionnaires’. Subsequently, 20 minutes PHSE ‘booster’ sessions are delivered weekly across the school to strengthen students’ knowledge and confidence in particular topics relating to well-being, such as understanding of abuse online, risks associated with social media and how to reduce likelihood of exploitation.

Please refer to our E- Safety page to understand how we support our young people to stay safe online. 

For more information on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural please refer to 'SMSC and British Values' under the Curriculum tab.