Pupil Voice

Pupil voice is at the heart of our school. We ensure that all students are supported to communicate their needs, wishes and feelings. We have established three effective Student Councils to capture the voice of our young people across our primary and secondary departments and in our Stephenson centre. They meet on a regular basis and are consulted on ways in which to promote positive behaviour and engagement throughout the school day to create a safe school that our students want to attend. Recently, our students have helped us to establish new lunch time clubs to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop effective play and social skills to make our school feel like an even happier and safer place to be.

We rely on the voice of parents to ensure that our provision meets the diverse needs of all our students and that parents and school staff have a shared understanding of the needs of our young people. We have established a Beaumont Hill Parent Alliance which meets once per half term.

The purpose of this group is:

To create a forum for parents, carers and school staff to facilitate a shared understanding of the needs of young people with SEN and to develop a joint approach to ensure the needs of our young people are met