Preparing for Adulthood and CEIAG

Preparing for Adulthood and CEIAG

Preparing for Adulthood and CEIAG

At BHA, Preparation for adulthood means preparing for:

Preparation for adulthood is covered in our PHSE curriculum and tutor time, plus many events (see below). The focus of this programme is as follows:

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance( CEIAG) at Beaumont Hill Academy enables our pupils to develop themselves and their aspirations through careers and work related education. Pupils learn about the life pathways available, the world of work and build connections with employers. They are also encouraged to develop their independence and employability skills. We aim to provide a guidance programme which enables pupils to make the correct choices and by offering advice and guidance pupils will be able to make informed choices about post 16 pathways.

At BHA we embed this curriculum into both PHSE and tutor time, plus we offer a wide array of events and opportunities for pupils to experience:

Careers Events Dates 2017-2018.pdf

Access for education and training providers

Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff.  Please see link below for further information.


Careers Advise contacts.

Sam Dawson CEIAG Lead 

Tel:- 01325 254000 EXT 2029

For more information please contact our careers mentor Louise Lumsden

Tel:- (01325) 01325 248136 or email:-

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