Stephenson Centre

Stephenson Centre

The Stephenson Centre is a provision that provides full time education for students failing to thrive in mainstream schools and is run by Assistant Headteacher Nicole Garstin.

Stephenson's team of teachers and support assistants specialise in working with students whose behaviours have prevented them from making expected progress.

Class sizes are small with a high ratio of students to staff allowing students to follow highly personalised curriculum’s which provide extensive learning experiences both within the building and in environments out of the classroom.

Students' social and emotional development is of paramount importance therefore staff provide an environment where students can feel safe, respected and valued ensuring they are ready and able to access a variety of learning experiences in which they will achieve success.

Stephenson's ethos is built on respect. We encourage all in Stephenson; staff, students, visitors, professional colleagues, parents and carers to show

The curriculum of the school is similar to that of mainstream schools and all students follow the National Curriculum until the end of KS3. In KS 4 students study fewer subjects following a personalised curriculum to enhance the opportunities for accreditation for each individual.

Students in KS4 can follow vocational courses, GCSEs, Entry Levels and Functional Skills Qualifications. BTec courses are also offered as accredited courses in different curriculum areas.

Stephenson also offers all students Outdoor Education lessons and many have access to Forest School where a variety of outdoor experiences enhance learning opportunities on a secure forest site.

All Stephenson students are encouraged to express themselves through regular sporting activities, taking part in regularly competitions including a football league. We have had tremendous success over recent years and the majority of students take part in regular teams and wear the school colours with pride.

Students attend lessons between 9.00am and 3.00pm. Breakfast is available between 8.45am and 9.00am. The majority of students arrive at school by mini bus or taxi.

There is a morning break and lunch break is from 11.50-12.45pm.

In Stephenson we believe that student success is all important-however success cannot be measured purely in academic terms. Success in Stephenson encompasses all that a student achieves; academically, morally, socially and physically. Student’s skills are identified and nurtured, they are encouraged to think freely and contribute to their life in Stephenson and they are helped to make the right decisions about their attitude, motivation, behaviour and overall progress.