The Carlbury Centre

The Carlbury Centre

The Carlbury Centre is home to BHAs Post-16 students, run by Catherine Passman.

Here, our young adults access personalised programmes of study that focus on issues regarding transition into adult life. The curriculum is based on skills for life, independence and employment opportunities. Students are encouraged to develop independence skills, to make choices and to develop the confidence to be assertive about their own lives using the communication skills they have developed over previous years. We are committed to providing a wide range of work-related learning and experiences. Both pre-entry and entry level qualifications are offered. All students achieve accreditation such as ASDAN Personal Progress, Personal and Social Development and Towards Independence. They also gain accreditation in Maths and English.

Learning takes place in a range of environments; we move from purely school based activities to those taking place within the local community as we prepare students to take their place in the wider world. The Carlbury Centre itself is a large, open environment with a catering area, ICT suite and an outdoor horticulture area complete with greenhouse. Smaller teaching areas are also available.

Catherine Passman

Carlbury Lead