Education Village Academy Trust Members and Directors


Mr Tim Fisher 

Mr James O’Neill 

Mrs Helen Radcliffe 


Mrs Hanne Barton – Member appointed 

Mr Mike Butler - Chief Executive 

Mrs Kathryn Stevenson - Director of Finance and Operations 

Mr Laurence Job - Member appointed 

Mr James O’Neill (Chair) – Member appointed 

Mrs Helen Radcliffe - Member appointed 

Cllr Heather Scott - Member appointed 

Mrs Shirley Welsh - Member appointed 

Mr Raman Sanghera - Member appointed

Beaumont Hill Academy Monitoring Group (AMG)

Beaumont Hill Academy Monitoring Group

Purpose of the group:

To monitor progress against the Academy’s Post-Ofsted Action Plan (POAP) and to validate evidence of the impact of actions taken. 

To oversee and, where appropriate, determine any other activity aimed at moving the Academy from an Ofsted judgement of ‘Inadequate’ towards an Ofsted judgement of ‘Good’.


The Group will scrutinise the actions in the Academy Post-Ofsted Action Plan, ensuring they are aligned to the recommendations in the Ofsted report.  It will challenge the Principal and leaders in the Academy to take actions that will directly address, at pace, the issues Ofsted and other independent reviews (e.g. review of Governance, RSC visits, review of Safeguarding) highlight. 

Group Membership

Hanne Barton – Trust Director with SEN Focus

Mike Butler – Chief Executive of the Education Village Academy Trust (Chair)

Kit Dixon –  member (parent representative - awaiting clearance)

Karen McCarron -  member (parent representative)

Phil North – Co-opted Trust Support and Resources Committee member 

Heather Scott – Trust Director and  member

Chris Ashford - Safeguarding Link 

Caroline Green – Principal of Beaumont Hill Academy

Adrian Lynch – Deputy Principal, Beaumont Hill Academy

Also in attendance

Gemma Elysee – Senior Assistant Headteacher, Beaumont Hill Academy (Maternity Leave)

Jenny Nimmo - Senior Leader, Beaumont Hill Academy

Steve Nyakatawa – Interim Head of Education, Darlington Borough Council

Joanna Conway - Safeguarding, Darlington Borough Council

Term of office

Membership of the Group will last until the Board of Directors considers it has achieved its objective and no longer needs to meet.  The Board has suggested the Group is likely to be required for between six and twelve months.


The Group will be accountable, and report progress, to the Board of Directors.

A report will be provided at scheduled Board meetings and in-between during meetings between the Chief Executive and the Chair of the Board (fortnightly).

If required, Group members should be available to meet with the HMI conducting any Monitoring Visit.


The Group will review its purpose, role and functions following the first Ofsted monitoring visit (due 3-6 months after the inspection).  It will provide a report to the Board of Directors.

Ways of working:

The Group will adopt a shared approach to hold the Academy Leadership to account at meetings.  Some Group members will lead on specific areas such as Safeguarding, Pupil Premium or any other priority identified in the Ofsted report or during the course of meetings, linking with relevant Academy leaders.

The Group may convene sub-committees to scrutinise a particular issue or subject.  Any sub-committee would report back into the wider Group.


The frequency of meetings will be determined by the Group at its first meeting but in the first instance should be monthly.  Meetings will be held at the Education Village.

The Trust will provide a Clerk who will prepare an Agenda in collaboration with the Chair.  Any member of the Group can suggest an agenda item or, if the matter is too late to be included in the agenda, can ask for it to be tabled as an item of other business at the start of the meeting.

The Clerk will prepare papers and circulate them ahead of each meeting.

The Clerk will draft minutes of each meeting for approval at the next.

The minutes will be made available to any stakeholder or interested person outside of the Group on request to the Clerk. 

Sharing of information:

The Group will proactively share information with:

·         The Board of Directors via the Chair

·         Academy staff via the Principal

·         Parents and carers via newsletters and the Academy website

·         The LA and the RSC are represented on the Group and will feed back to their organisations via their own internal processes.

The Group may consider providing updates or reporting progress to other forums (e.g. local media) either exceptionally or as a matter of course.

May 2017