Trust Merger Consultation

The Education Village Academy Trust is looking to merge with Endeavour Academies Trust. A consultation exercise is running from 25 March to 3 May 2019.

For the last three years, the Education Village Academy Trust based in Darlington and Endeavour Academies Trust based in Middlesbrough have been working together in partnership to share best practice and further improve the schools within our respective trusts. 

The schools within the Education Village Academy Trust are:

Haughton Academy, Beaumont Hill Academy, Springfield Academy, Gurney Pease Academy and Marchbank Free School

The schools within the Endeavour Academies Trust are:

Macmillan Academy and Archibald Primary School

This collaboration has offered multiple benefits to our pupils and students.  In fact, the partnership has had such a positive impact that over recent months the two Trust Boards have explored options to further formalise the alliance, resulting in a proposal to merge the two trusts into one. 

Very positive discussions have been held with the Department for Education’s Regional Schools Commissioner, who, following advice from the Head Teacher Board for the region, has granted her approval to allow these plans to progress to the next stage, with a view to the merger taking place on 1st September 2019.

It is proposed that the merged trust will be called Endeavour Schools and Academies Trust (ESAT) and aims to further build on our successful partnership.   The reason for choosing this name is both to retain the excellent local and national reputations associated with the current Endeavour schools, whilst equally recognising that the Education Village name now goes well beyond the three schools that originally formed the Education Village in 2006.  There will be no changes to the individual school names, logos, or uniforms as a result of the merger.

This proposal is a genuine merger of the two existing boards of directors with equal representation on the new board from both of the trusts.   Whilst each school will retain its individual identity, there will be shared opportunities for leaders and other staff to work together to benefit our children and young people, overseen by a single executive leadership team.

If you would like to know more about each trust, please feel free to visit the respective websites:

A multi-academy trust is a charitable company responsible for running a number of schools.  It takes control over all the land and other assets and becomes the admissions authority for its schools.  It is also the employer for all staff in each of the schools.  The directors of each trust are proposing the merger for the following key reasons:

Each school will continue to operate as it does currently but will share practice more widely across the seven schools that will form the merged trust.  The merged trust will provide a high-quality educational experience to almost 4,000 children and young people of all abilities and across the 2-19 age range and will employ approximately 600 staff.  We believe this proposal will assist us in continuing to attract and retain the most talented staff in order to deliver the highest possible standards of education to our pupils and students.

We are now at the stage where we wish to consult with all parents, carers, staff, and other key stakeholders.  The consultation will run from Monday 25th March 2019, for a period of 4 weeks, ending on Friday 3rd May 2019.

We will be holding a number of drop-in sessions on the following dates, which you are invited to attend if you wish to know more:

Representatives from both Trusts will be in attendance.

If you have any written comments that you wish to make, or questions you would like to ask about the merger, please email or complete the attached Merger Consultation Response Form and either return to the school office or send to either of the following:

FAO Cathy Knights             FAO Louisa Robson

Education Village                Macmillan Academy

Salters Lane South                Stockton Road

Darlington                             Middlesbrough

DL1 2AN                                 TS5 4AG

The deadline for receiving responses is 5pm on Friday 3rd May 2019.  We look forward to receiving your feedback.