Upper Foundation

Upper Foundation

Upper Foundation is also known as our Reception Class.

Mrs Gartland is our Reception teacher and she is supported by one of our HLTAs, Ms Johnson.

Children move into Reception, the September after their fourth birthday.

Learning in upper foundation very much follows the interests of the child through a predominantly play-based approach. With the increased expectations of the Year 1 curriculum, time is also spent targeting key areas of the curriculum in the Early Years in order to ensure that our children are ready for the move into Year 1. This is finely balanced with maintaining the focus upon the children's natural curiosity and their developing interests. 

Our Reception class work alongside our Nursery class within the Foundation Unit. The children experience the range of activities available as well as accessing our outdoor area each day.

Children are encouraged to develop their natural curiosity, become more independent and confident and grow into keen learners. The children in Reception work towards the Early Learning Goals to provide them with a firm foundation as they move into Year 1.