Year 2

Year 2

Miss Metcalfe is our Year 2 teacher. In Year 2 the children become much more confident in reading, writing and numeracy and are encouraged to become more independent learners.

We study several different topics in Year 2 which helps to make learning in all subjects interesting and creative. Our History topics in Year 2 are Florence Nightingale, where we learn all about her life’s work and make our own ambulances, followed by The Great Fire of London. Our Geography topics enable us to look at London and compare features of the city in 1666 and now and also Mexico, where we look at Mexican culture, compare life in Mexico to life in Darlington and taste some Mexican food!

Science is really exciting in Year 2; we develop investigation skills through exploring different topics. The children learn about how to keep our bodies healthy, creating an electrical circuit and how materials change when they are heated.

The children learn through applying skills to lots of practical activities, and develop numeracy skills by using a variety of mathematical equipment to help with adding, subtracting and counting. We also begin to examine multiplication and division.

In Literacy we will be looking at writing and following instructions. To help with this, the children will be making their own jam sandwiches! We will also be working hard to improve sentence structure and phonic knowledge.

We hope to have lots of fun in Year 2 whilst we work hard to be ready for Key Stage 2!