Year 5

Year 5

Mrs Cooper is the class teacher, where Year 5 is all about learning, being really creative and having fun as well! Mrs Cernik, Mrs Kneeshaw and Miss Hutchinson also support in Year 5 for some of the week.

In Year 5 we strive to learn new things every day and to help and support each other in our learning. We help each other to achieve.

We study several topics in Year 5 which are interesting and very creative and are taken from the Cornerstones Curriculum:

Alchemy Island

This topic is based on an imaginary island accessed through a magical portal. It offers opportunities for the pupils to develop their understanding of the fantasy genre while increasing their knowledge of geography (map reading), chemistry (different materials and elements) and computing (programming).

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

During this topic, we find out about social hierarchy and life in 14th Century England and how this was affected by the spread of the Great Plague. We make journals in DT and use them to document our own lives over a period of time. In science, we study the role of micro-organisms and investigate their growth.


As the name suggests, this topic explores our solar system and beyond. The science aspect of this topic includes elements of both the Earth and Space and forces. There is plenty of scope for historical reporting on the first moon landings and creative writing, enhanced with the use of stop-motion videos which can be showcased on Frog (our virtual learning platform). Moonscapes are designed and used to test our programing skills with our specially designed “moon buggies”. A favourite event during this topic is the late night star gazing extravaganza – highly enjoyed by all, even if there are no stars to be seen in the sky!

Beast Creator

A trip to Butterfly World provides the exciting element of scientific investigation in this topic, following practical work with mini-beasts found in the school garden. Children find out the gory habits of a praying mantis and discover how they are adapted to survive. They get to grips with food chains and design – both in words and pictures - their own “super bugs” that can destroy an aphid infestation.

Hola Mexico!

An exploration of this fascinating country, through internet research and a variety of physical resources captures the imagination of the pupils. They explore Mexico’s cultural heritage and love of festivals and use this knowledge to plan a special fiesta for their families. At the Vienticinco de Mayo festival, they demonstrate their choreography and composition skills performing a Mexican-influenced dance and song that they have devised themselves. If possible, we also visit the Chocolate Story in York to find out how the use of cocoa began in Mexico with the Mayans.


This is a special topic for 2016 in anticipation of the Rio Olympics. After finding out about how the Olympics started, we bring it up to date, looking at the symbols, values and locations of modern Olympics. We find out about some of the sports involved with the help of outside experts and plan a training boot camp with activities designed to help athletes to prepare. Research opportunities will include finding out about great Olympians, both current and from days gone by.