PSHE in Haughton Academy

We aim to enable pupils:

We provide a programme, which imparts knowledge, develops life skills and explores values regarding the physical, sexual, moral, social and vocational self.

Content of PSHE

Within this subject we aim to promote wellbeing of students, produce guidance and advice on a range of subjects such as relationships and sex, drugs and alcohol, personal safety, financial responsibility and careers guidance. Our intention is to empower students and promote equal opportunities, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

At Key Stage 3, students will investigate a range of areas including mental health and wellbeing, relationships, personal safety, careers and British values. Year 7 are taking part in a Challenge programme to further their sense of identify within school and the wider community. This programme aims at ensuring students are well equipped for life at Haughton and to develop life skills essential for making well informed, safe decisions. Units include transitioning, identity and relationships, bullying and stereotypes, healthy eating and nutrition.  

At Key Stage 4, students will examine in-depth issues concerning personal safety and behaviour within school and the wider community so that we can ensure students are well equipped for life beyond Haughton, Education Village. The PSHE unit runs alongside the new RE scheme of work which focuses on debating and discussing issues surrounding drugs and alcohol education, sex and relationships, managing finances and exam stress.