Key Stage 4 Options

Key Stage 4 Options

The Options Evening will be held on Tuesday 19th March, beginning at 6.00pm.

A brief introduction and explanation of the options process for year 8 students and parents will take place at 6.00pm in the Performance Hall, followed by the opportunity to talk with teachers and view the type of study, work and learning undertaken in the option courses available.

Prior to Options Evening, all students will have undertaken some learning about choosing option subjects, career aspirations and progression pathways in their PSE lessons, with form tutors and in assemblies. Additionally, they will have had ‘taster sessions’ for all KS4 courses. However, can I please ask that you take the time to read through the option course booklet carefully before the options evening so that you know the right questions to ask the right people. Of course, Haughton Academy staff will be happy to discuss queries with students and parents at any convenient time if you overlook something on the evening – parents can contact them via telephone or e-mail. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to make an appointment with a careers advisor in school during the final week of Spring term.

During morning registration following the options evening, each student will be given a personalised option course preference sheet to bring home. These must be completed and returned after the Easter break, following the instructions on the sheet. This will give time to study the options booklet further, do some further research and discuss appropriate courses at home.

Preliminary option blocks are created from the information returned, after careful consideration of the relevance of students' chosen courses against their preferred learning styles, academic performance amd future aspirations; this may require a meeting with students and parents at this point. Once this process has been completed, the final option blocks and student groupings will be verified.

Details of the option courses are contained in the Option Course Booklet which is distributed nearer to the options evening. To give a 'flavour' of what to expect, a copy of last year's option course booklet can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Options Booklet 2018-19 to follow shortly