Creative Media

Creative Media

This course is to inspire and enthuse learners to consider a career in the creative digital media industries, rather than just to participate in media recreationally, for example surfing the web or playing video games.

“Imagination... its limits are only those of the mind itself.”
Rod Serling creator of the Twighlight Zone.

BTEC Level 2 Award in Creative Digital Media Production

The aim is to give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge, and develop skills, across the creative digital media sectors, e.g. moving image, audio production, games design, website design and publishing.

The course supports progression to a more specialised level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production.

The course also gives learners the potential opportunity, in due course, to enter employment within a wide range of junior job roles across the creative digital media sectors. Junior job roles include, for example, photographer, sound recordist, assistant editor, assistant web designer and assistant games designer.

Units studied are:

Unit 1: Digital Media Sectors and Audiences - Exam

In this unit learners will be taught to understand digital media sectors, products and platforms and the audiences for digital media products. They will also explore how audiences engage with digital media products.

Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product - Coursework

In this unit learners will understand how to develop ideas for a digital media product and pitch ideas for a digital media product, also be able to produce planning for a digital media product.

Unit 3: Digital Moving Image Production - Coursework

In this unit learners will understand the key features of moving image productions and the technical construction of a digital moving image production. They will also produce and review a digital moving image production.

Unit 5: Digital Publishing - Internal Coursework

In this unit, learners will gain knowledge and skills required for the design and development of digital publishing products. They will also have an overview of how to secure materials and then combine them. Learners will organise and manage the production of a digital publishing product.

Subject Leader: Mrs C Larsen

Teaching staff: Miss Stephanie Hall