Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure


The Education Village boasts some of the best facilities in the country. Built at a cost of £27 million and opened in April 2006, the Education Village offers teaching and community spaces that include; Large Performance Hall with separate dance and drama studios.

800 PCs in total throughout the building. Outstanding TV Studio with Green Screen and 3D technology. 

25 metre swimming pool and hydrotherapy pool. 

Village Green for external performances and events. 

Well equipped outdoor classrooms with features that support the environment.

Large dining facilities with healthy eating options.

Large sports hall along with eight external pitches, multi-use games area and a changing village.

Interactive and music therapy rooms with support bases for visiting therapists.

the Village site is covered by CCTV; both internal and externally whilst secure access control points are also installed throughout the building making the Village an extreme safe and secure facility in which our teachers teach and our young people learn. 

These outstanding facilities supported by high quality teaching provide all the young people who attend our schools with the perfect surroundings in which they can strive to reach their full potential. The facilities also allows The Education Village to support over 60 hours of before and after school use and a wide variety of parental engagement and family learning opportunities.