The latest Ofsted Report from the inspection that took place on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th June is now available. 

Haughton Academy June 2018

We are very pleased that the current improvement is seen in this report and that Haughton Academy is recognised as a rapidly improving school. 

One of the opening key quotes in the report is:

"Since his appointment in September 2016, the principal, ably supported by senior leaders and governors, has worked with drive and determination to improve the school. Under the principal’s unswerving direction, leaders have begun to establish a culture of ambition which has started to secure improvements. However, leaders acknowledge that there is still room for further improvement."

[Ofsted June 2018, page 3]

The report highlights the following key strengths:

1. Pupils’ behaviour is improving. Combined with stronger teaching, this is leading to improving outcomes for pupils.

2. The new curriculum at key stage 4 is aspirational for all pupils and enables them to move on to appropriately challenging next steps.

3. Supported by governors and the chief executive officer of the trust, the principal is building a sustainable, strong foundation for the school. Staff morale is high.

4. Pupils’ personal development and welfare are a strength of the school. Pupils speak warmly of the school’s climate of tolerance and understanding.

We are well aware of the journey of improvement that we are on in the academy, and will ensure that these are met. 

Previous inspections

Haughton Academy May 2016

A letter from Jonathan Lumb, Principal of Haughton Academy to all parents/carers can be downloaded here.

Post Ofsted letter to parents June 2016

We are very pleased that the current improvement is seen in this report and that Haughton Academy is a rapidly improving school.

One of the key strengths for the school is identified as follows:

"The new Principal is highly ambitious for all pupils and passionate about raising their achievement. Along with new senior leaders, he is raising the aspirations of pupils and staff. This is leading to significant improvement."