Academy Day

Academy Day

My Typical Day by Robyn Year 7

School starts at 8.50 we would go to our tutor groups to be registered. My tutor group is based in a computer suite and each day we have a different topic to focus on. On Mondays we do on-line Maths, on Tuesdays we look at art and funny images, Wednesdays we read our books from the Learning Resource Centre, Thursdays we look at what happened during the week of news and on Fridays we have free time ONLY if we had our planners signed by our parents.

After tutorial at 9.10 we go to first lesson, this would be Maths for me. We would start our lesson off with a memory game where we memorise silly little facts about maths, one by one they would disappear from the screen and whoever remembered all of the facts would win a prize. Later we would continue with our topic. It usually changes every week, most of the time it is multiplications and the basics of Maths. At the end of the lesson we would finish off with a game, depending what topic we were studying would depend on what game we played.

At 10.10 we go to our second lesson, on this typical day, this would be P.E. During P.E we would do lots of sports, as expected. But it's the way we do it, no-one gets left out so that's really good! We get dressed in the changing rooms and sometimes there's time left and we're allowed out to the Bistro to sit at the tables and talk for the odd 5 minutes.

At 11.10 we have break where usually, I go up on the field with my friends. It's really good up there; you can joke about and have fun. I can remember the other day we were stood talking and it started raining. We all got drenched - it was really funny!

Break ends at 11.25 and  we go to our third lesson of the day before lunch. My lesson is Music. During music we usually go on the keyboards and practice different theme tunes. We also go on 'sing to the world' and karaoke website and sing some of the latest new songs!

Then it's time for lunch at 12.25. During lunch we would go up to the field.. AGAIN! And go to the back where the trees are. We eat our lunches. I usually bring my own lunch so I don't have to buy lunch. We all eat our lunch then go to the front of the field where the hill is, we'll sit next to the trees there and just chill and talk about the weekend and up coming trips like Flamingo Land, where we're going for our end of year reward. My friends and I are REALLY excited about it.

At 1.00 we have two hours of lessons. On my typical day, we have Opening Minds, this is where our form is brought together to do activities and bonding. We cover really interesting topics like 'Down on the Farm' and 'Window of the World' where we study and work in teams. I love it when we work in teams because it's just another great experience with your friends and we learn together.

School ends at 3.00 when I either walk home with my friends or I pick my little sister up from the primary school and walk home with her.

My typical school day is most definitely interesting and I'm glad I'm learning at this school because no lesson is EVER boring.

By Robyn Year 7

For a detailed break down of the school day please read this document ...Haughton Academy Daily Schedule 2017-18