Success Stories - Outcomes

Success Stories - Outcomes


Ewan Page celebrated alongside his Year 11 sister Annalise as they both picked up top marks in their GCSE English Literature. 

Ewan 15, of Darlington, who was entered in the academy’s early entry literature exam, scored an impressive 158 out of 160 marks giving him a grade 9 one year early. 

Sister Annalise Page, 16, also achieved an outstanding set of results including six grade 9s, two grade 8s, one distinction and one distinction star. 

Pupil Adam Biernat, 16, who arrived in the UK from Poland age 11 speaking no English, was rewarded for his hard work with an impressive six grade 9s, two distinction stars, one distinction and other high grades. 

Top achievers at Haughton Academy included Ellie McTimoney, with seven grade 9s, three grade 8s and two distinctions, Annalise Page, six grade 9s, two grade 8s, one distinction star and one distinction, Aidan Foster, four grade 9s, two grade 8s, one distinction star and one distinction, Lyla Kaddoura one grade 9, four grade 8s and one distinction, and Chloe Ireland one grade 9, two grade 8s and a distinction star. 

The academy saw a 10 per cent increase from 2018 in maths and English at 4+ to 65 per cent, an increase at 5+ to 34 per cent and an 8 per cent increase in the English Baccalaureate (English language, literature, maths, sciences, geography or history and a language) to 17 per cent. 

The traditional measure of 5+ A star to C grades including English and maths saw a huge increase to 61.4 per cent the highest ever for Haughton Academy. 

Principal Jonathan Lumb said: “We have had a good set of performance outcomes this year which shows an improving three year trend across all of our measures. “I am very proud of the continuing improvement at Haughton Academy. These results are testimony to the hard work of the pupils and the high quality teaching that we now have in place. “We are so proud of all our pupils’ achievements and wish them all the best for the future.”

HAUGHTON Academy pupil Chloe Ireland, 16, of Darlington, was treated for congenitally corrected transposition, just two years before completing her GCSE exams which saw her achieve one grade 9, two grade 8s, three grade 7s, a distinction star, plus a host of other high GCSE grades. 

The rare condition, in which the heart’s lower half is reversed, saw Chloe undergo a complex Fontan Operation at The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, to help improve her oxygen levels by redirecting blood directly to her lungs. 

At the same time she was also fitted with a pacemaker and had repairs made to a hole between her ventricles and a narrowed artery. 

“Basically my pumps were round the wrong way,” said Chloe. “I was diagnosed just after I was born and was constantly monitored by cardiologists at The Freeman Hospital while I was growing up. 

“As I got older I found it more and more difficult to get my breath so in 2017 the decision was made to for me to have open heart surgery to correct the defect.” 

Despite missing more than six months of her GCSE mock examination year following her operation and rehabilitation, Chloe continued to study with help from Haughton Academy teachers and the Darlington Home School Support. 

“My recovery was very gradual and I was really nervous about going back to school but the staff were really great and gave me loads of help,” she said. “I worked really hard for my exams, even to the point of my teachers telling me to slow down a bit, but I was determined to do well and I couldn’t be happier with my results.” 

Chloe is now hoping to study law, psychology and economics at A-level with a view to pursuing a career in law. 

GCSE results 2018 - success for Gifted & Talented pupils.

Principal Jonathan Lumb was delighted with students’ performances. “We set our most able students some really aspirational targets and I am absolutely delighted that they have been rewarded for their hard work with some superb results. 

“We have a record number of top grades – 7s, 8, and 9s. We really focussed on our top performers, worked all year to ensure they believed in their own abilities and it has really paid off with many now going on to study A Levels and with ambitions to go to university.” 

Ethan, 16, of Darlington, said: “I was putting in a lot of work and my teachers urged me to stop and enjoy myself as well. My mum even knocked off the internet connection so I couldn’t revise any more.

“I am really pleased with the results and I would say to anyone else with autism not to be disheartened; just do your best. You cannot allow your autism to restrict you. If conditions aren’t right for me, I do struggle to concentrate, so I must also praise the school for all the support they gave me which allowed me to do so well.” 

Ethan will now study A levels in computer science, graphic design and physics. 

For avid National Geographic reader Danni Greenfield, her results will allow her to pursue her dream of travelling the world. 

“I have read National Geographic since I was six and it has inspired me to find out about the world,” said the 16- year-old, who achieved three 9s, four 8s, a 7 and a 6 and plans to study media. “I have travelled around Asia and would love to go to China.” 

Classmates Bethany Higgins and Chloe Hutchinson, both 16, of Darlington, also performed well gaining, respectively, three 9s, six 8s and a 7 and two 8s, five 7s and three 6s. 

Bethany plans to study A Levels in biology, maths and either psychology or English. “I’m really pleased with the results and would love to work in the medical profession one day,” she said. 

Chloe, who was last year’s head girl, will study A levels in biology, psychology and sociology. She said: “I am so happy. I worked hard but didn’t expect my results to be this good.”

Twins Peak - August 2017

POLISH twins who arrived in England two years ago without being able to speak a word of English are celebrating a strong performance in their GCSE exams. ADRIAN and Sebastian Kucia, who come from Krakow, had to adjust to a new life in Darlington when their father got a job in the town as an engineer. And now they have both achieved strong passes across the curriculum at Haughton Academy, with Adrian getting an outstanding grade 8 in maths. Adrian now wants to be an architect, while Sebastian has ambitions to be a personal trainer. Fiona Campbell, Assistant Head Teacher at Haughton Academy, said: “What they have achieved in such a short time is incredible and a real testament to their resilience and hard work.” Adrian said: “It was really hard when we first arrived, especially to learn the language, but we made friends and we felt more comfortable after a year. We are really proud.”

Haughton Academy decided to put the whole of Year 10 through the English Language exam a year early and two pupils – Danni Greenfield and Bethany Higgins – achieved the top grade of 9, putting them amongst the top three per cent in the country. Brooke Mason’s performance was described as “outstanding” with a grade 9 in English Literature, an 8 in Maths and a 7 in English Language, as well as seven A*s and two As. Rose McEwan achieved an 8 in English Language and two 7s in English Literature and Maths, as well as two A*s and two As. Gemma Challans was another high achiever with three 7s in English Language, Literature and Maths. She also got three As. Principal Jonathan Lumb said: “The results show steady progress across all subjects for this cohort of pupils and we’re especially pleased with a huge improvement in Maths.”

Northern Echo: Haughton GCSE 2017

Danni Greenfield and Bethany Higgins - who both achieved a grade 9 in their English Language GCSE a year early - putting them in the top 3% in the country!