Letters to Parents

Letters to Parents

Communications to parents can be communicated through a variety of formats including letters, text messages, phone calls and newsletters. The general communications can be found in the relevant year group pages indicated on the left. Whole school letters are displayed here:

New Attendance Procedures 2018

Expectations letter to parents February 2018

Manchester Football Experience letter January 2018

North East Teenage Book Awards letter January 2018

History Trip to Battlefields Hastings letter January 2018

End of Term letter - 18 December 2017

Application Day - Parent letter November 2017

Children in Need Day letter November 2017

Cummins Site Visit letter - 7th November

Science revision guide letter October 2017

Year 7 Coffee & Cake Evening letter September 2017

Year 9 Skills Event Letter September 2017

End of Year letter July 2017

QDP Survey letter July 2017

Race for Life letter 2017

Homework Letter

Science club letter 10 March 2017

Humanutopia letter 16 March 2017

Year 11 History Catch Up Sessions Letter March 2017

MAT letter - March 2017

Teesside University ICT Studies - 17 Feb

Non Uniform Day Comic Relief letter 2017

Letter to parents - Horizontal Tutor Groups (June 2016)

Horizontal Tutoring Q&As