High Expectations and Rewards

High Expectations and Rewards

At Haughton Academy we have a clear and consistent set of classroom expectations, built around an ethos of mutual respect.

We expect the highest standards in effort, organisation and personal discipline.

Every pupil is given individualised, challenging targets and are pushed, supported and encouraged to meet and surpass them. We operate a Silver and Gold target for academic success and every student is encouraged to achieve Gold.

A regular and proven mentoring program in Key Stage 4 guides, supports and helps students to achieve their potential and make aspirational choices post 16.

We expect every student to be in every lesson, every day and on time. The link between outstanding attendance and outstanding achievement is well known and we strongly monitor and challenge low attendance.


Praise and reward is integral to our ethos and behaviour policy. We recognise the great things that our pupils do on a regular basis. Verbal and written feedback to pupils meeting our expectations is an everyday event and we never underestimate the power of a kind word or a sincere 'well done'.

The Academy operates a rewards system that acknowledges individual achievement and fosters a ‘team spirit’ approach. Reward Points are awarded for displaying positive behaviours both in and out of the classroom. Pupils can then ‘spend’ their Reward Points in the Epraise shop or on half termly draws. Epraise is a web based system which enables pupils to track how many Reward Points they have, who gave them and what for. They can also compare their Reward Points with other pupils in their Tutor Group, Year Group, and across the Academy. Parents/carers are also issued with a logon to Epraise so that they can also see their child’s positive behaviour in the Academy.

Termly we reward our 'Gold Achievers' with a rewarding activity. Pupils with solid academic progress, positive behaviour along with good attendance and punctuality have enjoyed activities as diverse as paint balling, kayaking, cinema trips and Flamingo Land.

In addition to this we have regular and well-attended awards evenings recognising sporting excellence and academic success. We celebrate the achievements of our pupils from every aspect of their life.