Food at Marchbank

Preparing and sharing food is incredibly important to human beings and central to creating a nurturing environment and a sense of belonging.

"More should be done to spread the message that eating a healthy school meal is a great foundation for a kid's education and future health"
Jamie Oliver

Studies consistently suggest that children eating together with their families improves their eating habits. Marchbank School  provides children with the opportunity to eat together; with adults and other children each day.

It is also believed that children who eat with adults on a daily basis are more accepting of a varied diet and eat more fruit and vegetables because they watch and learn from the adults.

Meaghan Christian, who conducted research into this area as part of her PhD, said: "Modern life often prevents the whole family from sitting round the dinner table, but research shows that even just Sunday lunch round the table can help improve the diets of our families."

Azmina Govindji, of the British Dietetic Association, said: "Eating habits developed in childhood die hard, and eating at a table helps reduce chances of mindless eating, which can increase the likelihood of obesity. This study and others like it reinforce the view that children learn more from what we do than what we say, so it's the role modelling that helps shape their future habits."

At Marchbank we have our own highly qualified chef who uses high quality, locally sourced supplies where possible. School meals are cooked on site and very much part of the school day. Children and staff all help to prepare the dining room and staff serve the children and sit with them to eat their midday meal.

The children all have the opportunity to develop a number of skills by taking part in this daily ritual; this develops good table manners from the adults as role models, take part in discussions on a variety of topics, work as part of a team and most importantly enjoy a sense of belonging whilst having the advantage of a wholesome nutritious meal each day.

In addition to a midday meal all children at Marchbank enjoy a morning snack time which consists of a choice of fresh fruit or a healthy snack like flapjack etc.Staff and children prepare the snack and sit together at the table where they take part in eating together as a shared social activity.

We also make breakfast available each morning for all children at no additional cost to the child. This ensures they have a good start to the day with high energy levels.

Food also features strongly in the curriculum and children have many opportunities to be involved in cooking and baking with their efforts being shared among the school community and taken home for families.

We have a number of well-loved hens and ducks who provide us with fresh eggs and we also grow our own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Garden produce is harvested and cooked by the Marchbank cook and the kitchen waste provides compost.

Options available for school dinners are on a three week rotation. A menu example is as below:

MondayCottage Pie and GravyHam salad sandwichStrawberry muffinFruit and yoghurt
TuesdayCreamy chicken curry with basmati riceTuna and sweet corn whole wheat pastaLemon drizzle cakeFruit and yoghurt
WednesdayRoast beef, Yorkshire pudding and seasonal trimmingsTuna or cheese salad wrapChocolate Shirley biscuitFruit and yoghurt
ThursdaySavoury minced beef pie with seasonal potatoesBaked potato with cheese and beansStrawberry cheesecakeFruit and yoghurt
FridayOven baked fish and chipsBBQ sausage bunFruit and ice creamFruit and yoghurt

MondayWhole wheat pasta with tomato and basil sauceChicken salad wrapIced cake and custardFruit and yoghurt
TuesdayBangers and mashEgg mayonnaise Kara bapJelly delightFruit and yoghurt
WednesdaySweet lamb casserole with new potatoesTuna filled baked potato with side saladChocolate surprise cakeFruit and yoghurt
ThursdayChicken and vegetable pie with seasonal potatoesSummer vegetable lasagneCarrot cakeFruit and yoghurt
FridayCod and salmon fish cakes with oven baked wedgesHam salad sandwichBanoffee pieFruit and yoghurt

MondayToad in the whole, new potatoes and gravyChicken tikka roll with saladSummer fruit crumble and custardFruit and yoghurt
TuesdayLasagne with seasonal saladTuna and cucumber sandwich with carrot sticksChocolate pear muffinFruit and yoghurt
WednesdaySavoury minced beef and dumplingsHam salad Kara bapCornflake tart and custardFruit and yoghurt
ThursdayRoast ham with new potatoesBaked potato filled with chicken and sweet corn mayoOrange and lemon cookieFruit and yoghurt
FridaySea side fish goujons with oven baked wedgesTurkey salad sandwichStrawberry topped delightFruit and yoghurt