Outcomes and Results

Outcomes and Results

The table below illustrates the performance of KS2 (Year 6) pupils in our school. It shows how our school performed in the year 2018.

Performance of KS2 pupils 2018Expected
SchoolNational       SchoolNational
% of pupils in reading59%71%13%25%
% of pupils in writing88%76%22%18%
% of pupils in maths72%75%9%23%
% of pupils in reading, writing and maths50%61%3%9%
% of pupils in grammar, punctuation and spelling56%77%19%31%

KS2 Progress Measures

The progress measures are a type of value added measure, which means that pupils' results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment and come in the form of scaled scores and school progress scores.

Scaled scores are reported between 80 and 120 with 100 as the national standard.

Progress scores are for the school only, not individual pupils.  A score of 0 means that pupils in school on average do as well at KS2 as those with similar attainment nationally.  A positive score means pupils do better whereas a negative score means that pupils made less progress than other pupils nationally with similar starting points.

ProgressScaled ScoreProgress Score
SchoolNational    School
Grammar, punctuation and spelling103106N/A

Further information on our school's performance can be found at :


For more information on our school’s performance please contact Mr Gartland (Principal of Springfield) rgartland@educationvillage.org.uk