Latest E-safety updates

Latest E-safety updates

This page will be regularly updated with hints and tips on how to keep your child safer on the Internet and when using APPS and playing games.

Social Media Guidance for parents and carers
Click on the document below for a practical guide on how to help keep your child safe when using social media.

Social Media Guidance for parents and carers

Doki Doki
Doki Doki is a Japanese style horror/dating game that is becoming popular. This game isn't suitable for children and contains graphic scenes that children shouldn't be exposed to. There is also a lot of footage on YouTube of people playing the game, again which isn't suitable for children. Please click on the link below for some more detailed information and guidance.

Information for parents on the game Doki Doki

Fortnite is an incredibly popular game at the moment. It is actually a PEGI12 game meaning it isn't regarded as suitable for children under 12 years of age.

Click HERE for a detailed parental guide on Fortnite.

Calculator% App
This app has been in the news recently as it allows users to hide videos and photographs on a device meaning you, as parents, can't always see what content they have on their phone or tablet. Click HERE for some key information.