Mission Statement

The Education Village Academy Trust: Ethos & Vision

At The Education Village Academy Trust, all children, young people and adults are valued both as individuals and as part of the wider Trust community. We aim to provide a safe, happy and caring environment within which everyone can thrive.

Core Values

Our Trust's activities are informed by our core values, which mean that we:

  1. recognise the worth of each individual by valuing the personal qualities they demonstrate in their learning, living and working
  2. recognise the experiences of children and young people by valuing the talents and skills they bring into their schooling, and we commit to ensuring that schooling enhances these talents and skills
  3. embrace difference and harmony by valuing diversity
  4. display integrity and authenticity by valuing openness, trust, fairness, honesty and respect for all people
  5. foster ambition, high aspirations and independent spirit by valuing each individual's ambitions, aptitudes and desire to create, explore and grow
  6. commit to hard work and high standards in provision, behaviours and outcomes
  7. help, support and enable others by valuing relationships with all stakeholders, being emotionally intelligent, building resilience and being forward-looking
  8. acknowledge the role of networks by valuing the ways in which people can live together, collaborate and make positive contributions as citizens
  9. acknowledge the place of school in the community, including the broader global community, by valuing the essential nature of the relationships between schools and the social and economic environments in which they operate

Our Vision

We want our children and young people to:

...in academies and schools that:

In support of the above vision, our mission is to: