Business Support Services

Our experienced team of business service professionals is in place to build resilience in day-to-day operations and enable teaching staff to focus on the delivery of exceptional learning experiences.

Business services are part of the package of support we offer. We follow the professional standards set out by the Institute of School Business Leaders (ISBL). As part of our business service offer, you can expect:

  • A strategic approach to improvement and business planning, risk management and disaster recovery
  • Dedicated financial management advice and support to ensure your school’s budgets are targeted on delivering teaching and learning and maximising outcomes for learners
  • Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning to ensure your curriculum is as efficient as possible and will meet your improvement priorities
  • A business partnering model to support your leaders with good people management practice, coaching, wellbeing strategies and effective performance management
  • Simplified and automated business management systems and processes which reduce duplication and save money for reinvestment into learning. This includes a centralised payroll and financial management system
  • Skilled and experienced procurement and purchasing advice and support to achieve significant economies of scale in the products and services you buy
  • High-quality governance support from a governance professional including policy management and development, and compliance with DfE, ESFA, Companies House and Charities Commission regulation and legislation
  • Expert estates and facilities management, ranging from support with energy efficiency, sustainability and decarbonisation to health and safety audits, reviews, advice and guidance
  • Access to leading-edge technology and expert advice and support to enhance teaching and learning
  • Project and change management support and advice, including project specification, plan design and full implementation of change
  • Insightful and timely data to inform decision making and drive school improvement strategies and interventions. This includes advice and guidance on the use of data management systems, analysing data and action planning
  • Creative marketing and branding programmes and campaigns to positively raise your profile locally, regionally and nationally


The Finance Team provides leadership and direction to the financial management and reporting functions of the Trust. By managing all aspects of the development and use of financial systems and procedures, the team partners the Trust’s leaders and decision makers to set budgets, monitor and challenge performance, and ensure the Trust’s long-term financial viability and stability.

The Finance Team delivers:

  • Strategic leadership of short-, medium- and-long-term financial planning
  • Business partnering advice and support to set and monitor budgets and manage resources effectively in line with Trust guidelines and the Academy Trust Handbook
  • Statutory reporting in line with the requirements of charity and company law and the submission of key returns to the ESFA, Teachers’ Pensions Scheme, Local Government Pensions Fund and HMRC
  • Management of financial year-end processes
  • Monitoring and reconciliation of bank accounts and key control accounts such as pensions and payroll
  • Cashflow monitoring and investment of surplus balances and investment policy advice and guidance
  • Development and implementation of accounting and budget management software systems
  • Development and implementation of procurement strategy and contract management reviews to deliver value-for-money services and efficiencies
  • Procurement of appropriate insurance policies and managing the insurance claims process
  • Liaison with pension services and advisers
  • Leadership of internal and external audit services
  • Support, advice and guidance on maximising school/academy-generated income such as lettings, and on debt recovery


The People Team drives the development and implementation of the Trust’s people management strategy and ensures we are an employer of choice, attracting, retaining and nurturing the best talent.

The People Team delivers:

  • Strategic people management advice and support, including workforce planning and organisational restructure
  • People policy development and advice to leaders and Trustees
  • Business partnering for leaders and managers to understand individual and team performance and develop people-focused strategies to optimise outcomes for learners and the Trust
  • Operational casework, including investigations and support with disciplinary and grievance processes
  • Staff absence management and intervention support
  • Recruitment and retention strategies and access to employment benefits schemes
  • Performance management and related pay advice
  • Management of the Trust’s people and payroll system
  • Occupational health referrals
  • Staff support and wellbeing strategies
  • Strategic leadership for employee relations and consultations


The Governance Team provides guidance and high-quality administrative and organisational support to ensure the Trust’s decision-making structures comply with the appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks. The team also provides advice on procedural matters to ensure the efficient and effective running of Trustee and Educational Standards Committee (ESC) meetings. The Governance Team is essential in maintaining the governance frameworks necessary to support key decision makers to hold our leaders to account, optimise outcomes for learners and ensure the financial health of the Trust.

The Governance Team delivers:

  • Comprehensive professional governance service to the Trust Board and ESCs with a key focus on providing information in a timely and secure way
  • A modularised governance induction and training package
  • Maintenance of an up-to-date overview of all ESCs across the Trust, identifying vacancies, development needs and key issues for escalation to Trustees
  • Link governor framework support
  • Support for governors and Trustees with preparation for Ofsted inspection
  • Trustee/governor self-review, appraisal and development plan support
  • Leadong data protection experts ensuring compliance with GDPR guidance and legislation
  • The Trust’s policy development and review framework, ensuring statutory policies are developed and are regularly reviewed in line with changes in national and local policy and legislation
  • Maintenance of the Trust’s central policy database, ensuring version control and providing links to underpinning processes and procedures

Estates, Facilities and Health and Safety

The Estates, Facilities and Health and Safety Team understands the different contexts of each school/academy and aims to ensure all learning environments are safe, well maintained and inspirational for learners. Leading on capital improvement projects and working closely with the Trust’s finance team to ensure they are delivered efficiently, effectively and within budget, the team is responsible for the management of all estates and facilities in the Trust.

The Estates/Facilities and Health and Safety Team delivers:

  • Development and implementation of health and safety and estate management policies and procedures
  • Delivery of Trust-wide training in health and safety practices
  • Strategic asset management planning and condition overview of the school estate
  • Planning and management of annual capital works programmes, based on investment priorities, including initial project design concept and advice
  • Planned and reactive maintenance advice and guidance
  • Development and implementation of the compliance framework
  • Facilities management
  • Internal and external health and safety audits and advice
  • Monitoring of cleaning contracts and hygiene services
  • Advice and monitoring of grounds maintenance contracts
  • Advice and monitoring of utilities contracts, particularly in relation to reducing the Trust’s carbon footprint


EVAT outsourced its IT service to RM for Education in 2022. The relationship is very much a partnership, and by outsourcing the service, we can access expert advice and support 24 hours a day. We have also invested in our technological architecture and infrastructure and we have rolled out a device refresh programme across EVAT. The contract is flexible and extendable to encompass any school joining the Trust. RM ensures our technology offer supports top-class teaching and learning, and is safeguarded against cyber-attack and disruption. The team leads the delivery of the full range of IT services to support schools and academies and oversees the maintenance of IT equipment across the Trust, ensuring kit is up to date and in the best condition to support teaching and learning.

Our IT provision includes:

  • Guidance and advice to schools on the Trust’s technology provision and support to schools/academies on system review and identification to support teaching and learning ambitions
  • Project management support, advice and guidance on the identification and implementation of new systems and software
  • Maintenance and development of the full range of IT infrastructure, including network, hardware and equipment
  • IT helpdesk access for the efficient resolution of support needs
  • Procurement support for whole-Trust solutions and value-for-money assessments/assurance in relation to the purchase of all hardware and software
  • Internet access controls and monitoring in support of safeguarding and Prevent duties
  • Software update and development
  • Training and development support
  • Business recovery and back-up systems support
  • IT asset management, including rolling replacement planning, implementation and equipment disposal


The Data Team collates and uses information and data to inform decision making and target intervention.

The Data Team delivers:

  • Provision of standardised and aligned data analysis across the Trust to inform decision making
  • Development and implementation of systems to monitor and track performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Compilation of academy calendars and provision of dashboards to ensure visibility of data
  • Due diligence and assessment of schools/academies/Trusts wishing to join EVAT to effectively plan the integration and migration of data and understanding of progress in the first 18 months
  • Targeted transition work
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