Behaviour and Safety

Behaviour and Safety

We pride ourselves at Beaumont Hill Academy in our ability to provide a nurturing, tolerant and caring environment where students and staff feel safe.

“Beaumont Hill Academy is calm and orderly. It is evident that good relationships exist between staff and pupils. Behaviour routines are well established and pupils enjoy learning” (OFSTED May 2013)

Parents have said of our school: “our children are all so different and the staff see them as individuals. The small steps are celebrated. The children feel good and we feel good”.

We regularly receive positive comments from visitors who come to our school. Some comments we have received from professionals include the following:

“[We] couldn't believe how confident, and keen to engage, your students were during the discussion”.

“The relationships between staff and pupils was caring and focuses on delivering quality teaching and learning”.

“The student panel! What a credit to your school. After 21 years as a headteacher in 3 schools, it takes something special to move me to tears! Your students' honesty about the learning environment the school provides along with the ambitions they articulated touched me and inspired me to reinforce my belief that all children can succeed given the right learning experiences”. 

This section of the website contains information and policies relating to behaviour, well-being and safety.