Well-being and Safeguarding

Well-being and Safeguarding

At Beaumont Hill Academy, we hold the well-being and safety of our young people in the highest regard.

We consider our students to be highly vulnerable by virtue of their SEN status. We believe it is important to ensure that they are equipped with the skills to live as independently as possible and be supported to recognise and identify risks they may be exposed to.

All staff receive regular Safeguarding and Radicalisation training in order to ensure they can confidently and effectively identify early signs of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Staff report concerns to designated safeguarding leads and record these on our CPOMS database.

 CPOMS is the market leading software application for schools to monitor Child Protection and Safeguarding.

Beaumont Hill Academy works effectively with parents and a range of agencies to ensure the needs our young people are met.

Agencies who work with us on a very regular basis include:

If a parent or member of staff has a concern relating to the safety of any of our students, a designated safeguarding officer should be alerted immediately. These are:

Gemma Elysee - Designated Safeguarding Lead - gelysee@educationvillage.org.uk

Adrian Lynch –Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  – alynch@educationvillage.org.uk

Caroline Green - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - cgreen@educationviilage.ork.uk

Pete Ramsey - Safeguarding Officer- pramsey@educationvillage.org.uk

Nicole Garstin - Safeguarding Officer - ngarstin@educationviilage.ork.uk

Chris Ashford Governor for Safeguarding - amackenzie@educationvillage.org.uk

Mike Butler Chief Executive - amackenzie@educationvillage.org.uk

If you have a concern relating to a member of staff, Alison Sinclair is responsible for dealing with allegations against members of staff asinclair@educationvillage.org.uk

The Designated Officer for the Local Authority is Marian Garland. Marian.Garland@darlington.gov.uk

A copy of our EVAT Safeguarding Policy can be found here http://www.educationvillage.org.uk/guidance-and-policies/