Carlbury Centre-BHA Post-16

Carlbury Centre-BHA Post-16

Here, our young adults access personalised programmes of study that focus on the challenges faced in the transition into adult life. The curriculum is based on skills for life, independence and employment opportunities. Students are encouraged to develop independence skills, to make choices and develop the confidence to be assertive about their own lives using the communication skills they have developed over previous years. We are committed to providing a wide range of work-related learning and experiences. Both pre-entry and entry level qualifications are offered. Students achieve accreditation in Maths, English, Personal and Social Development and Towards Independence. 

Learning takes place in a range of environments; we move from purely school based activities to those taking place within the local community as we prepare students to take their place in the wider world. The Carlbury Centre itself is a large, open environment with a catering area, ICT suite and an outdoor horticulture area complete with greenhouse. Smaller teaching areas are also available.

All students in the Post 16 department work towards accreditations and awards based on their individual prior attainment and qualifications gained in Key stage 4.

Students will have access to a personalised curriculum which will prepare them for their future.

Students are taught in distinct groups according to ability, curriculum need and social group. We believe that this is vitally important for students to gain the breadth of appropriate study they need before they leave Post 16 for their next destination.

Students work towards completing different units.  These units are based upon the timescale it will take an individual to complete the learning outcomes.

With a focus on transitions, moving on and growing up, students are expected to take more responsibility for their own learning whilst enjoying high levels of structure and support from the environment and the skilled staff team.

The Post 16 curriculum has been tailored to prepare students for life beyond school and this leads to accreditation for pupils through ASDAN courses including, Towards Independence and Life Skills Challenge.  The modules focus on communication, numeracy, daily living skills and the world of work.

All students have the opportunity for school based work experience and some may be able to access out of school opportunities.

The curriculum has a strong emphasis on practical functional activities incorporating skills for life and work related learning.

BHA accreditation pathways KS5 2019 - 20.pdf

In addition we offer the John Muir Award, which is now an established part of our provision. Post 16 students also undertake a range of community based work related/vocational activities.  Some pupils also attend Outdoor Education.

You can follow the links below to find out more information about the accreditation on offer within the Post 16 provision:

The school day for these students begins at 9.00 am and finishes at 3.30 pm. The students have an hour for lunch and a 15 minute mid-morning break.

If you require any further information about the Post 16 provision please contact the school on (01325) 254000.