Outcomes and Results

Outcomes and Results

Beaumont Hill Academy – Progress towards whole school targets

We have developed a set of progression steps to clearly demonstrate progress over time and outline expected progress for pupils based on their age and starting points.

The new assessment model designed by Beaumont Hill Academy is informed by principles of previous national SEN progression trajectories and data sets and is supported by expert professional knowledge of pupil progress. We have highlighted what good progress looks like against the new curriculum outcomes and have set realistic and challenging targets for good and better progress for pupils with a range of different starting points and learning capacities.  Assessment grids are used by staff as formative assessment tools to support professional judgement. Current ‘progress stage’ judgement data will be recorded termly, to show pupils’ progress over time.

Achievement report overview 19-20 BHA.pdf

Achievement report overview 18-19 v6.pdf

Progression for Post 16 Leavers.

July 2020
94% (31 pupils) Further Education 6% (2 pupils) NEET

July 2019
92% (22 pupils) Further Education 8%(2 pupils) NEET

July 2018 

90% (18 pupils)  Further Education 10% (2 pupils) NEET

Performance data for the school can be accessed by visiting the Department for Education’s website at;