Integrated Therapies

Integrated Therapies

At Beaumont Hill Academy,

we recognise the requirement for integrated therapies to ensure we meet individual student needs and facilitate aspirational targets evident in their EHCPs.  

To support the holistic development of our students, we work alongside professionals including Speech and Language therapists (SALT), occupational therapists (OT) and physiotherapists. 

The team of integrated therapists work in the school setting, providing individual treatment plans and/or support class teams with the delivery of an integrated programme. All students have access to the therapy team although this will vary depending on need.  

This provision enhances our person-centered approach and increases partnership working with families for the best outcomes of our students.

Please click on the links below for further information about each therapy:- 

Speech and Language therapists (SALT) -'s-services/children's-speech-and-language-therapy.aspx

Occupational therapists (OT) -'s-services/children's-occupational-therapy.aspx

Physiotherapists -'s-services/children's-physiotherapy.aspx