At Beaumont Hill Academy, we have high expectations of attendance. This is critical to ensure consistency of care and support and outstanding progress in achievement and learning.

Our pastoral team meets weekly to review the attendance of all students across the school Medical needs are considered due to the complex needs of some of population. However, all staff have high expectations of attendance, regardless of students needs in order to ensure they receive their statutory entitlement to education.

We ask that parents arrange medical appointments outside of school hours and that illnesses lasting longer than three days are investigated. Our family support worker liaises closely with families who are struggling to support their children to have good attendance and, where necessary, multi-agency support is coordinated to facilitate improvements.

After three consecutive days of absence, our attendance and welfare officers will visit pupils at home to conduct a welfare check.  For pupils with complex medical needs this check may be done through the school nurse or other health professionals.

We will pursue penalty fines where families have failed to ensure pupils attend at least 90% of the time without sufficient evidence to explain absences.

We reward attendance at Beaumont Hill Academy for students with high attendance.

Irrespective of action taken, the pastoral team always considers the personal circumstances of all families of students.