Trust Guidance, Policies and Notices

Please note that individual school/academy policies can be found on the separate websites:

Springfield Academy:  Policy Documents

Gurney Pease Academy:  Policy Documents

Marchbank Free School:  Policy Documents

Haughton Academy:  Policy Documents

Beaumont Hill Academy:  Policy Documents

Trust Contracts

Final EVAT - Managed Service - Initial Selection Questions(FTS).pdf

Final EVAT - Managed Service - Initial Selection Questions(FTS).docx

Equality and Diversity Scheme

The Education Village Academy Trust has developed a set of objectives to promote Race, Gender and Disability equality in all its academies, meeting the current statutory duties in these areas. However, it goes beyond these strands to include sexual orientation, religion or belief, and any aspect which has the potential to discriminate against or to devalue any individuals within our community such as against those with special educational needs or potential language barriers. The unique nature of The Education Village as home to Darlington’s only special school provides a tremendous opportunity for all three schools to celebrate difference and achievement by all. We are further committed to the development of cohesive communities both within our physical boundaries and within our local, national and global environments.

Equality and Diversity Objectives Statement V3.0.pdf

More Able and Talented

We plan our teaching and learning so that each child can aspire to the highest level of personal achievement. We recognise and support the needs of those children in the Village who have been identified as ‘more able’ and/or ‘talented’ both within the classroom and beyond to ensure they reach their full potential.

Disability Discrimination

The Education Village Academy Trust fully supports the Disability Discrimination Acts regarding the elimination of unlawful discrimination and harassment of disabled persons, the promotion of equality, the need to take account of disabilities, the promotion of positive attitudes towards disabled persons and the need to encourage participation by disabled persons.

Accessibility Policy

The Trust Accessibility Policy sets out what it is doing to improve aspects of the physical environment and other resources so that disabled pupils can take full advantage of the education and associated opportunities provided.  The policy refers to individuals who are disabled in a wide sense, including those with special educational needs.

Please click below to view our Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy  Accessibility Policy V2.0.pdf

Race Equality 

The Education Village Academy Trust is committed to protect and promote racial equality and good race relations within our community. We aim to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination. The Trust honours its responsibility under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000.


The Education Village Academy Trust is committed to providing an appropriate and high quality curriculum to all its pupils. All children, including those with identified SEN have a common entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum, which is accessible to them. They also have an entitlement to be fully included in as many aspects of school life as appropriate.

The Education Village Academy Trust values all its children and will strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, promote equality and positive attitudes and develop a safe environment where all can flourish.  Each of the Trust's Academies has a SEN Information report on its website.  The report sets out how the Academy supports students with SEN.

Looked After Children Policy

The Education Village Academy Trust aims to safeguard looked after children, promote their educational achievements and ensure that they are able to “achieve and reach their full potential” in accordance with the Children’s Act.

Looked After Children V3.2.pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy

Please click below for details of our Charging and Remissions Policy.

Charging and Remissions Policy

Behaviour Policy

Our objective is to ensure that our students achieve to their full potential and the effective management of student behaviour is essential if good quality teaching and learning is to be embedded and the Trust's academies are to form a safe and orderly community.  Each Academy/school has its own Behaviour policy and these can be found on the relevant Academy/school website.


The aims of Trust and Academies'  Attendance policy are to improve the overall percentage attendance of pupils at school, make attendance and punctuality a priority for all, provide support, advice and guidance for families and pupils, develop positive and consistent home / school communication, implement a system of rewards and sanctions, develop effective partnerships with other agencies, and identify the needs of individual pupils and their reintegration after absence.

Exclusion Policy

Exclusion Policy V2.1.pdf

Privacy Notices

COVID Privacy Notice

- COVID-19 Privacy Notice - for Pupils, Parents, Staff and Volunteers V2.0.pdf

Pupils, Staff and Volunteers Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for Pupils Parents Staff and Volunteers V1.0.pdf

Admissions Privacy Notice

Admissions Privacy Notice V1.0.pdf

Visitor Privacy Notice

Visitor Privacy Notice V1.0.pdf

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Child Protection is taken very seriously in all our settings. Whilst all our staff have responsibility for Child Protection we have named staff with specific responsibilities across The Education Village Academy Trust and our five schools.

Each school has named staff specifically responsible for Child Protection. If you have any concerns regarding the well being of a child please contact one of the named staff below.

Springfield Academy: Richard Gartland
Telephone: 01325 254000

Haughton Academy: Su Gill
Telephone: 01325 254000  

Beaumont Hill Academy (including Aspire Centre): Adrian Lynch
Telephone: 01325 254000

Gurney Pease Academy: Alison Sinclair
Telephone: 01325 380790

Marchbank: Tess Wright
Telephone: 01325 254670

Please click on the link below to view the EVAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

Safeguarding Child Protection Policy V6.1.pdf

Protecting children from Extremism and Radicalisation 

There is a duty placed on schools to do all they can to identify where children are at risk of becoming radicalised.  Click on the link below to read the EVAT Protecting children from Extremism and Radicalisation policy.

Protecting Children from Extremism and Radicalisation Policy V4.0

Please click on the link below to view the EVAT Peer on Peer Abuse Policy:

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy v1.0

Remote Learning

EVAT Pupil Remote Learning Policy V1.0.pdf


Any concerns raised regarding The Education Village Academy Trust are taken seriously and we aim to resolve any complaints in a timely and appropriate manner. We encourage you to speak to your child's teacher or Head of House in the first instance. If however, this does not resolve your concern you may ask for an appointment with the Principal.  Please refer to the Complaints Policy and Procedure below for further information about how the Trust handles any complaints it receives.

EVAT Complaints Policy V2.3 August 2021.pdf

Complaints-Privacy-Notice V1.0.pdf

Our named Complaints Co-ordinator is Alana Mackenzie (Governance Support Officer).

If, having tried to resolve your complaint with the appropriate Academy, you have any need to formally complain about any aspect of The Education Village Academy Trust please contact Alana Mackenzie in the first instance who will provide support and advice regarding our procedures. To contact Alana please telephone 01325 254000 or email


The Trust is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of service and ethical standards.  If you have a concern about serious wrongdoing, this policy explains how to raise it without fear of reprisal.

Whistleblowing Policy V2.0

Extreme Weather - Guidance for Parents & Carers

Click on the link below to read guidance in the event of extreme weather.

Extreme Weather Policy

Access to pupils for education and training providers

The Trust has developed a policy statement which sets out how it ensures Education and Training Providers can access pupils in years 8 to 11.  Click on the link below to see a copy of the Policy Statement.

Provider Access Policy Statement V3.0

Data Protection in EVAT

In order to carry outs its role and duty to educate the Trust must collect and process information about its pupils and their families.  The Trust has a policy for the collection and processing of data which reflects the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations.

Click on the link below to see a copy of the policy.

GDPR Data Protection Policy V3.0
The Trust has prepared a Privacy Notice which sets out in detail the type of Data it collects and the reasons it needs to process the data.  You can view the Privacy Notice via this link and if you would like a paper copy please contact an Academy office or email

GDPR Privacy notice for pupils, parents and carers

Freedom of Information (FOI)

If you wish to submit a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please send this in writing (emails are acceptable) for the attention of the Principal of the Academy you are requesting information from. If your request is about the Trust, please send your request to  Please note the target date for response to FOI requests is 20 School Days.  

Click on the link below to see a copy of the Trust's Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Policy
 Freedom of Information Policy V2.1
Coronavirus impact - please note that it may take longer than usual to respond to any Freedom of Information or Data Access requests during the period when our Academies and Schools are working to follow Government COVID-19 guidelines.