Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom is the use of places other than the classroom for teaching and learning.

It is about getting our pupils out and about, providing them with challenging, exciting and different experiences to help them learn.

Our aims are to: -

The 'places' where learning happens can have a significant effect on how pupils engage with a subject or an idea. Learning outside the classroom can happen at almost any time and almost anywhere - outdoors or indoors: in the school grounds, on the high street, in the local park, in museums and art galleries, on mountain tops and rivers or a residential visit.

At Gurney Pease Academy learning outside the classroom is built into planning for all learners. It is a powerful tool used to raise attainment, encourage social, emotional and personal development and contribute to the health and well being of our learners. Gurney Pease Academy offers a range of opportunities and activities for our children.