Year 1

Year 1

Year 1 are taught by Mrs Jardine and Miss Flatman. They are supported over the course of the week by Mrs Hall and Miss Brown.

The transition from Foundation Stage into Year 1 is made easy by providing the children with activities which are already familiar to them. As the term goes on new activities and ways of learning are introduced. 

There is very much a focus on phonics using the Read write Inc Scheme and phonics is taught every day. The children in Year 1 are set along with children in Year 2 throughout the autumn term for phonics, with Reception joining the groups after Christmas. Grouping the children in this way for phonics helps to ensure that they are learning the right sounds at the right time. Regular assessments mean that children are constantly taking part in phonics lessons that will both support and challenge them.

Maths lessons involve lots of discussion and practical activities, which continue to include the use of Numicon resources which have been used in Early Years and are familiar to the children.

Each term Science, History, Geography, Computing, Art & Design, Design and Technology, Music, RE, PSHCE and PE are also taught. Wherever possible in these subjects, there continues to be a focus on phonics.

The long term plan for Year 1 for subjects other than English and Maths can be seen below: