We are proud to say that we have a school uniform and we expect children to wear it.

Our school uniform consists of:

Grey or black skirts/trousers/shorts (blue & white checked dresses can be worn in the warmer months)

White or blue polo shirts

Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan

Black shoes/boots/trainers (no heels, no logos or coloured stripes etc)

The school will not tolerate inappropriate haircuts. By this we mean any partly shaved hair, lines, zigzags, any shapes e.g. spirals, letters or names.

Please note that if your child does wear earrings, these should be small studs, one in each ear. A wrist watch may also be worn.

Nose and eyebrow studs are totally unacceptable. As with all matters, it is the safety of your own and other children that is our major concern.

PE Kit

A plain white tee-shirt and royal blue shorts. Plimsolls to be worn indoors and trainers for outdoors.

Uniform Supplier

Special sweatshirts, cardigans etc. with the school logo may be purchased from our uniform provider, Elizabeth's Embroidery who can be contacted at:

Elizabeth's Embroidery

8, Richardson Road, Stockton-on- Tees, Teesside TS 18 3LJ

01642 674973 / 01642 602008


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