E-Safety is something that can not be ignored in today's society of increased technologies and the risks associated with social media.

How can you help to protect your child online?

You have a key role to play in keeping your child safe online. Springfield Academy wants to work with parents to ensure pupils are as safe as they can be online.

Use the information provided on the downloadable document below to reinforce and further your e-safety knowledge so you can help to keep your child safe online.

The school’s role 

Pupils are taught about online safety across the curriculum. They are taught about a number of different issues, such as the importance of e-safety and how to report concerns.

The school implements an E-Safety Policy- a copy of this policy can be found on our school website.

Our e-safety officer is Miss Metcalfe – he can be contacted at fmetcalfe@gurneypease.org.uk or 01325 380790 – if you have any queries relating to the school’s online safety policies or how we promote e-safety to your children, do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.

Click the link below to download a simple guide to keeping your child safe on the Internet:

GPA Online Safety Guide for Parents