About Haughton Academy

About Haughton Academy

Welcome to Haughton Academy!

At Haughton Academy our goal is to provide the best possible educational opportunities and success for our young people. This is in line with our academy sentence which is “The academy ensured that all pupils succeeded at university, or a real alternative, excelled in a top job and had a great life”.

Message from the Principal

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Haughton Academy on behalf of the pupils, staff and governing body. We are a forward thinking, exciting and happy school, where children of all abilities and social backgrounds achieve high standards.

It is important to us that our pupils have the confidence to be independent and successful learners. This is underpinned by high aspirations and a clear understanding that the academy’s core purpose is learning. Staff and pupils share the same core values, commit to developing mutually respectful relationships and have a co-operative desire to achieve and believe in Haughton Academy. The recent affirmation by Ofsted that we are a ‘good’ school has been achieved through our strong PROUD core values and clear vision for improvement.

I look forward to personally welcoming both you and your child to Haughton Academy.

Mrs S D Gill