Haughton Academy recognises the importance of having a well-established Alumni to support and mentor our current pupils, as universities and private schools have been doing effectively for generations. We are endeavouring to build-up our Trust Alumni so that we can call on ex-pupils to support and raise pupils' aspirations by getting them into schools to talk to current pupils.

Research shows that 80% of pupils commit to working harder after hearing from alumni.

To this end, we are in partnership with Future First, an organisation that supports schools and colleges in building alumni networks by offering the infrastructure and expertise to make it happen.

Future First combines expert support in building, engaging and making the most of our network with a secure platform that sits at the heart of the programme.  An assigned Alumni Programme Officer to provide practical support and advice and specialist support from a press team to spread the word to alumni via local newspapers, radio and social are also available to the academy.

Future First supports us in tracking the paths of former pupils as they progress through education and employment.

We have access to a personalised dashboard, through which details of the alumni can be found and filtered e.g. by course studied, job, pledged support type, etc.  The enables us to choose which alumni to invite to participate in specific opportunities to support our current pupils.

Among the alumni of the academy are a host of inspiring work and education role models, who can support us in a range of ways.

Role Models

Former pupils who are now in jobs or higher education can be inspirational role models for current pupils.  They can be invited back to speak about their journey from the academy to the job/courses they are in today and the lessons they have learnt along the way.  Future First provides session plans to support us in running our own workshops and assemblies.

Work experience providers

Our alumni community may also be able to offer work experience opportunities to current pupils, including Skyping from their place of work or study, or offering opportunities such as shadowing alumni for a day or more traditional work experience placements.

If you know any ex-pupils or are one, please click on the links below, or forward it on to the individual you know.  Or share on your Twitter, Facebook or social media.

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Former pupils:

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