Summer School 2021

Summer School 2021

Many thanks to all of our current Year 7s who joined us and helped make our summer school so brilliant.

Haughton Academy 2021 Summer School was an extension to the transition programme that took place at the end of Summer Term and was a blend of enrichment activities, educational visits and academic sessions and was offered to all incoming Year 7 pupils.

We were delighted that our Summer School ran for 5 full days from the 19th to 23rd of July 2021 delivering 467 fun filled places that blended academic and enrichment activities over the week.


Morning Lunch Afternoon

Monday 19th July 

Wednesday 21st July 


Friday 23rd July
Thinking and reflection time (numeracy, literacy and personal development focus)  

Break 1 10:30-10:40am & break 2 10:40-10:50am support clusters and one-way system (comfort break 10.00-10:10am / 10:10-10:20am) 

14 clusters arranged around tutor groups for September will work with tutors from Teaching Personnel on the morning along with the Summer School team.


All pupils are offered a free packed lunch

Choice of activities:
  • Art and crafts   
  • Drama  
  • Outdoor survival  
  • Orienteering/ geocaching treasure hunt  
  • Eco warriors - wildlife and nature  
  • Swimming
Tuesday 20th July 

Thursday 22nd July

Enrichment day 1 & 2 All pupils are offered a free packed lunch Edinburgh Zoo 7:55am-5:30pm 

Beamish Museum 9:15am– 3:30pm

Aim and purpose

To offer a positive experience and start to incoming Year 7s, ensuring they are familiar and comfortable with the site and have an opportunity to build confidence as they meet peers from other primary schools. 

Educational visits 

Tuesday and Thursday were trip days during Summer School. Half of the pupils visited Beamish Museum to learn more of the history and culture of the North East and experienced a Victorian lesson. The other half travelled into Scotland, taking in the landscape of the North East coastline and visited Edinburgh Zoo.

Beamish Museum

Edinburgh Zoo


Do not worry if you missed out on the Edinburgh Zoo trip due to Covid! We shall not be stopped from meeting the Pandas from China and we are planning a trip in the Spring Term for those that who were not able to join us in July.

Thinking and Reflection Time

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings were given to Thinking and Reflection Time that included a mix of mental wellbeing, literacy and numeracy as the incoming Y7s worked through The Happiness Challenge – 5 Life Skills in 5 Days, and all pupils were given a free reading book (The Soup Movement or The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh) for dedicated reading time. Pupils then turned their hands to solving functional maths problems. The incoming Y7s were arranged into small clusters around their future tutor groups with a Teaching Personnel Tutor delivering the morning session that was supported by the Summer School Team. A nurture cluster was also created that was supported by a SEND Teaching Personnel specialist. Time was given for a tour of the school and the one-way-system.

Free lunches for all

Darlington Subway organised extra staffing in their shops in order to provide the 142 Kidz Packs © each day. The manager also upgraded the Kidz Packs © to 6-inch subs. But wait!!!!!!! Darlington Subway have offered to cater a free Subway lunch for those who would benefit from such a treat in the Spring Term.

Enrichment activities

Following the Thinking and Reflection Time on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a selection of activities were offered each afternoon, including - swimming, arts & crafts, drama & dance, geocaching & orienteering. On the Wednesday, outdoor survival skills were the star attraction. On the Wednesday, time was also given to watch a video about the benefits of Lateral Flow Tests and all pupils were given enough tests to last through the summer in preparation for the new academic year in September.

Free ice-cream

Thursday was such a lovely sunny day and as an extra treat (and to cool everyone down), Gallones Ices were invited onto site. Did someone say yum?,pdm,by

Window devices for Y7s

We are also rolling out Window devices to support those pupils in year 7 who could benefit from a little extra support.

Many thanks to the team and the Teaching Personnel Tutors: