At Haughton Academy, we provide a safe, happy, caring and well-ordered environment within which every child can thrive.

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Pupils will be valued both as individuals and as part of the wider Village community. We believe strongly in the key themes of

Every Child Matters:

Be healthy - Stay safe - Enjoy and achieve - Make a positive contribution - Achieve economic well-being

Our Pastoral aims are to:

To support this we will:

These aims are supported by five Heads of Year whose role is to oversee the support and development of every pupil. This dedicated team of staff take care of every aspect of welfare and guidance. They do not have a teaching commitment and the entire focus of their daily work is the guidance and care of our pupils.

Additionally, your child will have a tutor who will be with them during the full five years of their time with us. The tutor meets daily with each child and is the first point of contact for parents.

A range of other staff support pupil progress: counsellor, further education career guidance officer, engagement officer, school nurse and the list goes on.

Su Gill, Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral) is directly responsible for all aspects of pupil behaviour, well-being and pupils' social development and Jamie Bettney, Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum, options and timetable) is responsible for learning and progress towards targets and will act swiftly where there appears to be underachievement.