Pastoral System

Pastoral System

The pastoral structure has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that all of our pupils have the opportunity to thrive and succeed in a caring and nurturing environment.

Pastoral System

Mrs Gill, Deputy Headteacher has overall responsibility for the pastoral system.

The structure is made up of five year groups, with a horizontal tutoring system. There are currently 5 Heads of Year, each led by an enthusiastic and committed member of staff. Within each year there are 7 tutor groups, each led by a Form Tutor. The tutor groups contain approximately 25 pupils to ensure that Form Tutors have the opportunity to create and develop positive relationships.

We believe that our pastoral care is outstanding. Our Heads of Year do not have a teaching commitment. Therefore they are able to be a key point of contact for pupils and their families to speak to and see before, during and after the Academy day.

The work of our pastoral team is based on raising achievement and supporting pupils in every possible way as they progress through the Academy.

Pastoral Timetable

Each year group have an allocated assembly day and follow up session along with having a scheduled week of activities for them to follow. These include Votes For School, Newsround and at the start of each week, pupils are reminded of the academies expectations.

The assembly days are:

Week Day   Year Group
Monday   Year 11
Tuesday   Year 10
Wednesday   Year 9
Thursday   Year 8
Friday   Year 7