Year Council

Year Council

At The Education Village we really value the views and opinions of all our young people. Their voice is important and we try to make sure it is heard.

The academy has created a number of ways in which young people can have a voice in how the academy does things. We encourage all pupils to become involved in the Year Council, known as pupil voice in Haughton Academy where any issues, concerns or suggestions about the academy can be listened to, discussed and acted upon. Pupils sometimes see things from a different angle to the staff and their viewpoint can be very helpful, particularly when we are planning changes to the academy. The Year Voice programme has recently successfully introduced changes to academy uniform, changed the academy food menu we offer to pupils at break and lunch and improved the rewards scheme for young people who try their best in the academy and the wider community. Pupils are also part of the interview process for appointing members of the academy leadership team.

Every form group is asked to nominate two pupils to represent their views in Year Voice meetings whilst the ability to actually join a 'select committee' to look at specific issues or concerns is open to all pupils, not just form representatives.

For more information on Year Voice in Haughton Academy please contact Mr L Taylor