Young Carers, Counselling and Support Services

Young Carers, Counselling and Support Services

Haughton Academy identifies pupils needs via transition planning, through tutorial time and via the Heads of Year.

Young Carers

Once a young carer is identified they are referred to the internal support panel. A worker meets with them to discuss their options one of which is a referral to young carers. 

The young carers support is provided by Humankind. They offer sessional 1:1 slots in school, after school activities, weekend trips away and a lunchtime club. However, this has been limited due to COVID.

One of the aims of the work being done is to raise a group identity and offer peer support. Haughton Academy runs a yearly event to celebrate young carers day. This is run in connection with the young carers group and features assemblies and tutorial time activities, with an aim being to reduce the stigma around young carers. 

The academy links with youth services and often cross-refers onto after school programmes run by youth services designed at raising home skills and supporting young carers. In addition, the academy offers counselling, mentoring and family support. 

Those young carers not wishing to engage with the young carers group are supported via existing staff in school. Parents with mental/emotional health are supported with external agency signposting.

Counselling Support Service

In addition to the robust pastoral systems that run within the Education Village supporting our pupils in their learning and achievements, we also offer additional support to both parents/carers and pupils.

For Pupils:

For Parents/Carers:

We also offer an online counselling service that allows you to receive support from your own home. Our counselling services are offered at no cost, the only requirement is that you have a child or family member attending the Academy within the Education Village Academy Trust. The issues that we can support you with a range from anxiety, depression, bereavement and allow you to have a space to talk through any issues that are affecting you or your families life.