Quality of Education

Quality of Education

The academy has again this year, continued to refine its approach to pupil grouping and curriculum organisation to further support individual pupil progress and to develop a curriculum fit for purpose.

At Haughton Academy, we believe that our pupils not only receive access to a broad and balanced curriculum offer that improves their knowledge and understanding, but we also believe we raise the aspirations of our pupils, as well as providing them with the necessary skills sets to develop confidence and tolerance, be inquisitive and aspirational alongside developing an awareness that keeps them safe and well informed.

Curriculum Content Overviews

The following booklets will provide you with a content overview of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum here in Haughton Academy. Changes may be made to the offer from cohort to cohort to best suit the needs of the pupils and in response to external demands.



If anybody has any further queries about the curriculum on offer at Haughton Academy please get in touch with Mr Jamie Bettney (Deputy Headteacher) - jbettney@educationvillage.org.uk