Parents & Carers Careers

Parents & Carers Careers

Parents and carers can find information here about the academy's careers provision, data, business links and other relevant documentation to help you support your child in choosing the right path for their future.

The Government’s careers strategy aims to achieve a world-class careers system and to aid schools in meeting these requirements they advise that the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmarks to develop and improve their careers provision are utilised.

The Benchmarks define all the elements of an excellent careers programme, based on the best national and international research.  

Please refer to the General Careers section for further details of the Benchmarks and the criteria that schools should be using in order to meet each Benchmark together with information on how Haughton Academy are meeting the Benchmarks for each year group.

Regular updates are available on Haughton Academy's social media sites including Facebook and on our App.