At Haughton Academy, the purpose of self-study (homework) is to further develop or embed knowledge and skills relevant to each subject.


We have taken the approach that quality and independence is just as important as the task being set.  It is for that reason we call it Self-Study.

When work is set, each pupil is given two school weeks before the final hand-in date, and it is their responsibility to not only attempt the work, but to complete it to a high standard.  This two-week cycle ties in easily with the timetable and not only allows pupils time to get support where needed, but help them develop their organisational and independent study skills.


Each teacher sets assignments that are appropriate for their subject, with the aim of developing subject specific knowledge, recall or skills.  This is made clear when set, along with the success criteria for the assignment. 

Part of a Self-Study assignment may be to self-assess their work.  Where this is the case, the assignment is spilt into two parts; one to complete the task, two to bring the work in for review by the teacher before being given a mark scheme/success criteria to go away, self-assess and improve the work.

Completion time guidelines

In general, each pupil should expect to spend the following amount of time on his or her work:

Year 7 & 8 – 1 hours’ worth of work per subject over two weeks

Year 9, 10 & 11 – Up to 2 hours of work per subject over two weeks