SMSC & British Values

SMSC & British Values

British Values

The Academy is committed to embedding and promoting British Values through its broad, balanced, inclusive and unprejudiced curriculum. Lessons delivered to our pupils are inclusive of, and sensitive to the British Values as set out in the Prevent Strategy. The five key British Values are:

Our pupils on a daily basis are expected to treat each other with respect, in line with the Academy's vision, ethos and Behaviour policy.

Haughton Academy uses strategies within its curriculum and beyond to secure these outcomes. Some of the ways that we seek to instil these values are given below:

Democracy: In Haughton Academy, pupils have numerous opportunities to have their voices heard. The school has an effective school council whose members are nominated by their peers. Year 11 ppuils apply for the positions of Head Boy/Girl as well as prefect positions and have formal interviews before their appointment. The PSHE/Citizenship programme teaches pupils about Democracy.

The Rule of Law: Throughout the school day the importance of Laws, whether they be those that govern the class, the school, the local community or the country, are consistently reinforced through the school’s Assembly programme as well as when dealing with 

issues of behaviour and conduct when pupils are expected to accept responsibility for their actions.

Through the PSHE/Citizenship programmes pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws and the consequences if these are broken.

Individual Liberty: At Haughton Academy we value and strive to consistently create a safe, supportive and positive culture where pupils are actively encouraged to make choices based on their interests and aspirations. In lessons children are encouraged to opt for the challenging tasks and develop a positive Growth Mindset (Can Do) to become resilient, determined and persistent learners. The school offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities together with year and tutor group competitions for pupils to opt into. Within the PSHE/Citizenship, RE and E-safety programme pupils learn about their rights and personal freedoms and are encouraged and advised on how to exercise these freedoms safely.

Mutual Respect: Mutual respect is at the heart of our values. All members of our school community treat each other with respect. This can be seen in the professional relationships formed between our pupils, our staff, parents, carers, local businesses and other education and training providers. Throughout the year pupils support local charities with fundraising and each year group has a nominated charity which it supports throughout the year.

Tolerance of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs: The curriculum in Haughton Academy is culturally diverse. Our RE, PSHE, SMSC and Assembly programme strive to demonstrate tolerance and respect of others. Our curriculum and school daily routines develop our pupil’s knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity and embed it into the work of the school.