We are a successful and thriving art department with hundreds of pupils being taught to a high standard every week.

"Creativity Takes Courageā€


The Art department aims to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, through the development of creative experimentation, critical thinking and understanding of the history of Art and its significance in the modern world. We want our pupils to be able to use solid technical skills, understanding of the wider Art world and their own creativity, to produce exciting and meaningful pieces of their own.

About Us:

Pupils can expect to be taught drawing, painting, printing, 2D mixed media, digital media, photography, as well as many more crafts. The art department consists of two spacious naturally lit, fully equipped art rooms.

Staff adopt the approach of developing growth mindsets within art and offer an inclusive curriculum based on research into breaking down barriers to learning within art. 

Pupils are taught using a wide variety of teaching and learning techniques which will vary depending upon the age and ability of the pupils. GCSE classes are based around the idea of independence and we achieve successful results every year. The progress made from different starting points in art is good, ensuring that all pupils are able to achieve. 

The behaviour and ethos in the art department is one of excitement, productivity, creativity and genuine passion for art from staff and pupils alike. Every pupil has the opportunity to shine in our art department regardless of ability. 

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Curriculum Pathway:

A Curriculum Summary document for Art can be found by clicking here.

The following provides you with a Learning Journey of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum here in Haughton Academy. A copy can be found by  clicking here.

Art Learning Journey


The Art department consists of two full-time members of staff and one part time teacher, these are:

If you have any further queries about the Art curriculum on offer at Haughton Academy, please get in touch with Mr Haskett (Subject Leader for Art)