During Key Stage 3 students study a wide range of musical styles, traditions and genres ranging from heavy metal to African music.

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."
Victor Hugo

All students will be given a chance to increase their knowledge and understanding of music through practical music making and will use a range of resources including, guitars, tuned and untuned percussion instruments, keyboards and specialised music software on iMacs and PC computers. Practical music making is at the heart of the curriculum we deliver so students have the opportunity to experience first hand many different styles and types of music that there are as a way of building up a clear understanding of what effects why music is created and performed for different occasions.

At GCSE we teach the Edexcel music specification and we do this because the work we do during Key Stage 3 helps build up the knowledge and understanding needed to successfully complete this course. At GCSE level students will be required to perform and compose music as part of assessed coursework and will also sit a one and a half hour listening exam in Year 11.

The music department also runs several activities which students are welcome to attend outside of timetabled lessons and include a school band a school choir and other musical ensembles such as a guitar group. Any further information that you may require on music in Haughton School can be gained through contacting the Subject Leader.

Miss Lisa Armstrong

Subject Leader of Music