Science is a core subject that pupils study from Year 7 until Year 11. Pupils are taught for seven hours a fortnight in Years 7 and 8 and eight hours a fortnight in Years 9, 10 and 11.

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean” – Isaac Newton


In Science, we want to deliver the National Curriculum in such a way that will allow us to develop ideal learners. We want to equip the pupils with the invaluable skills needed to be successful in life and allow them to develop skills which will make them employable and allow them to enjoy what is being learnt. We want our pupils to be: inquisitive, problem-solvers, and resilient learners who engage in work both independently and as part of a team. They need to be able to apply their knowledge and understanding to new situations/contexts by making links between what has previously been studied, whether it be from Science or other subjects they study. 

We want our pupils to walk away from lessons thinking about what they have just learnt and even challenge themselves and others to question the world around them. It is essential that as teachers we deliver a Science curriculum that allows pupils to be numerate, scientifically literate and competent in carrying out practical work, at the same time as maintaining their curiosity. The lessons need to be designed so that pupils are given the opportunities to hypothesise and predict outcomes, especially during practical work. There must also be opportunities provided that challenge pupils’ thinking and allow them to make mistakes, address misconceptions and develop their understanding further.

About Us:

We have a wealth of combined experience with eight full-time teachers and a dedicated technician within the department.

The department is extremely well resourced; we have five dedicated laboratories and a wide variety of apparatus and equipment. There is a real focus on practical work throughout our curriculum and we endeavour to make Science lessons fun and exciting whilst teaching pupils to become more responsible and develop useful skills. The department works closely with local primary schools to enhance the learning of our younger pupils. 

In Key Stage 3, pupils follow the Exploring Science scheme of learning, which leads into the key stage 4 GCSE courses.

In Key Stage 4, pupils study Edexcel Combined Science which covers all three science disciplines and awards two GCSE grades. There is also an option for further study of the separate Science at GCSE, where pupils would be awarded 3 GCSEs: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Curriculum Pathway:

A Curriculum Summary document for Science can be found by Clicking Here.

The following provides you with a Learning Journey of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum here in Haughton Academy a copy can be found by Clicking Here.

Science Learning Journey


The Science department consists of full-time and some part-time teachers, these are;

If you have any further queries about the Science curriculum on offer at Haughton Academy please get in touch with Miss Arrowsmith (Subject Leader for Science)  -